IT development internship

Internship from 2 to 6 months

Under the responsibility of CTO and with the support of the technical team, you will have the following main mission:

- the development of software control scripts on an embedded Raspberry platform with Linux Debian OS and Arduino slaves

This mission can be adapted according to the actual duration of the internship.

A permanent contract following the internship is possible in view of the skills developed.

Required profile

We are looking for a student in computer development for a period of 2 to 6 months.

The following skills will be required :

- mastery of the programming language: Python 3 (with TKinter or PyQt graphical framework);
- dynamic database management (S QLite);
- code versioning with Git.


Created in October 2008 and stemming from the ITM incubator, bookBeo is a Breton start-up whose aim is to connect the real to the virtual by developing applications for augmented reality, virtual reality and artificial intelligence (machine learning, deep learning and conversational robots).

We implement innovative solutions for our customers through web applications, smartphones, tablets, connected glasses, VR headsets, social networks, etc.

We are also involved in numerous research projects in France and abroad, particularly in the 4.0 industry vertical.

Our offices are located in Rennes (Ille-et-Vilaine) and Le Faou (Finistère).


- We operate in agile method using the Scrum method. In order to guarantee an innovative user-centric service design, we proceed in iterations of two weeks with an intermediate evaluation at each step where user testing/experimentation phases are performed. We collaborate with research laboratories, start-ups and companies of all sizes within Breton and European consortia.

- International: We regularly work with international teams in Europe, Japan and the United States as part of our commercial and research and development activities.

Location of the internship

Rennes: office located 14 rue Kerautret Botmel, building D - 35200 Rennes
Le Faou: office located Zone de Quiella - 29590 Le Faou

Sending the application

Write to us at