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R&D Engineer, iOS development and image processing algorithms

The company

bookBeo is a Breton start-up created in October 2008 specialized in the development of augmented reality and artificial intelligence applications. The company is particularly active in the fields of smart maritime, connected transport, living books and the industry of the future. It ensures the conception and design of innovative services (from the writing of use cases to the realization of applications). An important part of the working time is dedicated to R&D; European and national projects - with connected glasses / smartphones, image and object recognition, virtual / augmented reality.

  • Organization: We are using the Scrum method (agile method). In order to guarantee an innovative user-centric service design, we proceed in iterations of two weeks with an intermediate evaluation at each step where user testing/experimentation phases are carried out. We collaborate with research laboratories, start-ups and companies of all sizes within Breton and European consortiums.
  • International : We regularly work with international teams in Europe, Japan and the United States as part of our commercial and research and development activities.


In order to enrich our services and to respond to all current and future requests, we are looking for a development engineer capable of strong initiative and loving the spirit of adventure that drives start-ups. As the person in charge of the development and maintenance of several innovative iOS mobile applications, which can integrate Unity 3D and machine learning, experience in this field is essential.

Skills in web development - PHP, HTML, CSS, JS - and system administration are desirable. Depending on your expectations and needs, you may also be required to conduct research and develop algorithms for visual recognition and deep learning. bookBeo benefits from the CIR, so a young PhD student's application is highly appreciated.

Required profile

  • Solid knowledge of iOS architecture, development and iOS development
    Unity 3D software concept
    Notion of machine learning / deep learning
    Strong initiative and entrepreneurship


  • Position based in Rennes and possibility of part-time teleworking
  • From BAC + 2 with significant experience to BAC + 5 and young doctoral student
  • CDI
  • Compensation to be negotiated according to profile and experience