Augmented Reality Engineering :
-> User centric service design
-> Web & mobile application taylor development
-> Chatterbot (twitter & facebook)

We support you in your digital strategy.
We connect your products & services in order
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The chatterbots are the new search engines for social network communication

Your BOT project on FACEBOOK MESSENGER in 4 steps :

1/ Selection of the services you whish to propose
2/ Definition of the user path and answer layouts (mockups)
3/ Chatterbot developement
4/ Interfacing of your chatterbot in facebook messenger



Demo for booster day by PSA


Tablet & connected glasses enabling car parts and operators assistance on kitting (parts kit)
Application developed in collaboration with IT LINK (connected systems and industrial digital expert)

4 axis of performances for the factories of the future :
1/ Agility : real time kitting zone reorganization
2/ Quality : improvement on the kit conformity rate
3/ Simplicity : tablet or glasses kitting assistance
4/ Performance : time saving & efficiency



Open Virtual Novel with Interactivity


First augmented book from the colletion OVNI.

Le marin de passage and the application OVNI BREST constitute the first experience of interactive reading from a printed paper book connected to a mobile and tablet application.


Mobile & tablet applications - B2C


bookBeo app

Qrcode scanner
with augmented reality feature
WITHOUT any ads

 Google play  App Store

breizhChic app

Virtual Fitting window shopping
for breton design
World Innovation

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breizhTour App

Brittany Region Discovery
in your own language
Augmented visit

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beoPik app

Images scanner
with augmented reality features
Shazam of the image and connected advertisement

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Research & Development


Augmented Reality Edition


bookBeo has been doing research since 2008 to add a digital heart to paper books
(bookBeo means Bringing book to Life! in breton-english).

Creating stories or useful and concrete books with new multimedia materials (music, 3D contents, films, video games), looming new dimension not only on the knowledge acquisition but also in the reading experience and crowdsourcing contribution capacity given to the reader.

A first experiment driven in 2012 enabled to test the action of reading with a smartphone and and the book « Samedi soir, dimanche matin » dedicated to teenagers. The second experiment started in december 2015 with the book « OVNI BREST - Le marin de passage ».


Virtual Fitting


BreizhChic is a world innovation issued from a collaborative project Images et réseaux - Miriad (Mesure de l'efficacité publicitaire en mobilité)

Have fun to try on Haute Couture virtually on your smartphone, breton design objects and traditional costumes.
You are a fashion designer/creator, contact us to set your virtual fitting collection !


Connected Glasses


beoGlass : first augmented reality application for Optinvent ORA connected glasses. 

Prototyping and operational tests for industrial environments.
Barcode and image recognition software for parcels supply chain management adapted to connected glasses to support operators.

bookBeo travaille en collaboration avec plusieurs constructeurs de lunettes : LASTER TECHNOLOGIES, OPTINVENT et EPSON.


Mobile & Object a bridge to immersive 3D


MOBI 3D (Mobile&Object a Bridge to Immersive 3D)  Project certified by Image & network french cluster.

In partenarship with Télécom Bretagne - Lab TOMS and E-Mage-In 3D (3D PRINTING & MODELING)

The reasearch programs aims the ability to recognize the real elements and relate a 3D content ready to print in 3D in any sort of matter : metal, resin, seeweed.

Financial support : Région Bretagne, Brest Métropole, Conseil Général du Finistère.


2D - 3D Image recognition


beoPik : first application of image recognition for IOS and android.

Developed in research partnership with ARTEMIS de Télécom SUD PARIS.

All your images can be digitally signed. Connect your logos and advertisment prints to get them interactive !



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