Design of 2D and 3D filters for social networks

BookBeo designs 2D and 3D filters for brands. 

The integration of augmented reality filters on your social networks allows you to capture the attention of your young audience with innovative animations.


Brand identity and image

New customer experience (360°, virtual portal and sphere, 3D)

Community animation

Targeting young people

Multi-channel strategy 

Promotion, visibility, virality and awareness 


Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram


3D, 2D et 3D animations

Test our filters

Lunette bookBeo on Facebook

Fond Explore on Instagram

Breath Bless on Instagram

Description of use cases

Effect on the body and face

Create revolutionary experiences using face tracking to produce precise interactions and realistic effects. The use of touch gestures will also allow users to manipulate and interact with what they see. - Attach a 2D or 3D element to your head - Control the animation by opening your mouth, raising your eyebrows... - Create masks and face paint - Stretch, inflate and add extra features to the user's face

Environmental effect

Add virtual objects to the environment or transport yourself to new environments. - Display elements that react to the user's movement - Create portals and visual effects that transport the user to other locations - Integrate virtual elements into the environment


Create animations linked to markers, this feature is only available on Snapchat.