Recotracking control assistant

Assistance service for the recognition of defects in industry.

The solution is based on the specific development of a visual recognition algorithm that allows the detection of salient points or other elements (shapes, contours ...) of an industrial part.

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GEOGLASS: Logistics 4.0

CHRONOPOST Logistics 4.0
GeoGlass is a prototype application for connected glasses. It is developed for Chronopost in order to assist the deliverymen in the picking of parcels.

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Mobi 3D: Recognition of 3D objects

MOBI 3D (Mobile&Object a Bridge to Immersive 3D): Project approved by the "pôle images et réseaux".

In partnership with Télécom Bretagne - Lab TOMS and E-Mage-In 3D (3D MODELLING AND PRINTING)

The research aims to recognize reality and to associate it with 3D content ready to be printed in any type of material: metal, resin, algae...

Financial support: Région Bretagne, Brest Métropole, Conseil Général du Finistère.

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CISIX AR : maritime signal recognition

Shapes and colours recognition algorithm for learning International Code of Maritime Signals.

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Editions in augmented reality

Since the creation of bookBeo (2008), the team has been studying how to digitize paper books.
(bookBeo means "living book" in Anglo-Breton).

Writing stories while using new multimedia technologies (music, 3D content, films, video games) brings out a new dimension. Not only in the acquisition of knowledge but also in the reading experience and the role given to readers.

An initial experiment conducted in 2012 made it possible to test reading with a smartphone via the book "Saturday Evening, Sunday Morning" dedicated to the adolescent audience. The second experiment began in December 2015 with the book "OVNI BREST - Le marin de passage".

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BreizhChic: virtual showcases and fittings

BreizhChic is a world Innovation from a collaborative project called Miriad (Measure Interactivitiy Research Innovation Advertising and Devices). It is labeled by "pôle Images et réseaux".

Have fun trying haute couture, Breton design objects and traditional costumes on your mobile.

If you are a designer, don't hesitate to contact us to set up your virtual showcase!

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BeoPik : 2D image recognition

BeoPik: first image recognition application for IOS and android.

Developments in research partnership with the ARTEMIS laboratory at Télécom SUD PARIS.

All your printed images can be digitally signed. Connect your logos and advertising visuals to make them interactive!

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Chat bot

Creation of tools and a chat bots platform. Management of information flows, natural language processing, distribution of messages to users. bookBeo has a research and development program on chat bots.

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