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Since its creation on 17 October 2008 by Sophie Deniel, bookBeo has specialized in the development of web and mobile applications for new uses of interactivity, augmented reality and artificial intelligence.

The idea came from observing children's behaviour when they read, how they feel when they read and from a hypothesis: What if books could come alive and change indefinitely based on the age and preferences of the reader?

The company was created on this concept :

"Digital technology : the new heart of paper books". 

The name of the company comes from this concept and takes an Anglo-Breton name: book & Beo (alive in Breton). 
In 2008, the possibilities offered by QR Codes, the advent of the iPhone and its App Store, enabled the development of the bookBeo application as the very first QR Codes reader-decoder in France.




BookBeo's business extends from publishing living books to connecting real and virtual environments for fields as diverse as tourism, commerce, industry, transportation and marketing. Any object, location, production process, product or service can be connected to virtual content to meet a particular expectation.

As soon as an individual can extract from an object or real place relevant information according to his profile and language, he can be strengthened in his decision or his choice of action. This can be training, purchasing, maintenance, survey participation, interaction with an information bot or discovery.

bookBeo develops tools based on the "user" experience and supports its customers in an innovative service design approach (based on the agile method and iterative tests). 

Coming from the incubator of "l'Institut Mines Télécom Atlantique", the company combines research and development around mobility technologies, virtual / augmented reality and artificial intelligence.


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