Specific developments to your needs

By combining cutting-edge technology and creativity, bookBeo develops augmented reality, virtual reality and artificial intelligence applications. Depending on your sector of activity and your project, its expertise will enable you to enhance your projects and stand out from the crowd thanks to innovative and interactive solutions!

3D models

In-house design and production + partnerships with the following companies : A3D CONCEPT, SHIPSHAPE, ARTE FACTO, PROXE3D and HERITAGE VIRTUEL.

Service design

Service design enables digital creativity. It includes the study and the need of the customer, the analysis of the user experience (UX), the business environment and the choice of adapted technologies.


The development of applications on smartphones allows you to create interactions with reality (augmented reality), in mobility, in any type of environment, for your different target audiences.


Tablet application development allows you to reach a limited audience in a dedicated environment, with augmented reality interactions and/or other advanced features tailored to your needs.

web platform

The development of a website is essential to reach a very large audience. A web-app is also a good option for a limited use of augmented reality.

QR Code design

The integration of QR codes in paper visuals or on the walls of an exhibition allows to create a bridge to digital contents or Web Apps. Since 2011, we offer Qr Codes design made by our partner Carl Vanwijk based in Japan.


The integration of algorithms in mobile applications or web platforms allows the continuous improvement of all types of software, whether for visual processing or artificial intelligence.


We have partnerships with the companies LAST EXIT RECORDS, PAYSAGES SONORES, RADIO EVASION and STREAMTEAM for the production and editing of audio content (audio-guides) and royalty-free music catalogues. The audio content can be multi-lingual, including Breton.

Vidéos 360°

In-house production + partnerships with AEROPTIQUE located in Quimper or Dronist'air located in Brest.


Integrating a chatbot into a website or mobile application is an innovative way to create interaction and engagement with your users. It reduces the human costs of responding to simple queries from public transport users.

Design of games

The integration of games in a website or an application allows to share and teach knowledge in a playful way.

A.R glasses

The development of applications on augmented reality glasses makes it possible to reach a restricted audience in a dedicated environment, with virtual interactions positioned in the real world (while keeping your hands free).

Motion Design

Creation and design of internal events + partnership with GIRWET PRODUCTION company.

Drones videos

Local partnerships with independent filmmakers specialized in shooting and piloting UAVs.


Local partnership with the company GIRWET PRODUCTION for the production and editing of all types of videos.

AR filters

The integration of augmented reality filters on your social networks allows you to capture the attention of your audience with innovative animations.

VR helmets

The development of virtual reality applications on helmets makes it possible to reach a limited audience by immersing them in an environment reconstituted in 3D or filmed in 360°.

Interactive map

The integration of an interactive map into a website or mobile application provides quick access to information about places and events according to the user's location.

Augmented brochures

The integration of Augmented Reality on your brochures saves printing and graphic design costs by making your media refreshable in one click!