Algorithm design

We develop algorithms according to your different issues. Our team of engineers has the skills and experience in coding to respond to all missions.

Since the beginning of bookBeo strongly links with research teams at IMT Atlantique et Télécom Sud Paris. We have also established a partnership agreement with the company LINNE LENS developer of a live animal recognition A.I and we use third party deep learning libraries such as CAFFE according to your needs.


LINNE LENS : the world's first deep learning algorithm for species recognition

Use case

A.R assistance in quality control, A.R for the assembly of automotive parts, 3D sculpture display, learning the flags of the International Code of Maritime Signals, species recognition in Parks and Aquariums ...


Recognition of : images, objects, shapes, colors, highlights, pre-defined points of interest.


image processing, machine learning, deep learning

Description of use cases

Industry 4.0

Logistics 4.0

Museum 4.0

Recreation Park 4.0