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Discover our tailor-made solutions to light up your touristic destination : immersive virtual reality experiences, interactive maps, mobile applications, augmented reality, gaming and brand identity...


Tourisme - bookBeo

Development of innovative visitor experiences 

Located at the end of the world, the bookBeo company is asserting its attachment to its region through multiple projects and developments.

Since 2008, we have been providing our innovative services to local organizations (authorities, associations, museums, institutions, companies, etc.) to enhance the bretton heritage and promote Brittany as a leading destination. 

In order to offer a rich and varied range of services, we collaborate with numerous partners specialising in specific areas of expertise. 

  • Héritage Virtuel - specialist in 3D modelling, synthetic imaging and virtual reality technologies, 
  • Girwet Production - audiovisual professional,
  • Aéroptique & Dron'istair - aerial and 360° shots experts,
  • Payasagesonores - Production agent for heritage, culture and tourism audio content 


Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality


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