Augmented Reality Engineering :

  • User centric service design
  • Web & mobile application taylor development
  • Chatterbot (twitter & facebook)
  • Reality recognition algorithms
  • Machine learning and deep learning

We support you in your digital strategy.
We connect your products & services in order
to improve your process and increase your sales.

Living Books

Discover the UFO concept and our offer of 3D augmented reality applications.

Smart Maritime

Augmented reality application program dedicated to the Maritime. It's a service platform designed to query real and contextual data and enable interactions with maritime-specific 3D virtual content (coastline, water, submarine).

Industry of the Future

Artificial intelligence, algorithm development and tailor-made prototyping of augmented reality applications running on connected glasses and tablets for industrial environments.

Connected Transport

Artificial intelligence, website, mobile application, chatbot and OpenData transport data processing: GTFS, real-time schedules, traffic info, events, national address database, etc.


Research & Development



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Zone de Quiella
F-29590 Le Faou
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Office Rennes
14 rue Kerautret Botmel - Bât D
F-35200 RENNES


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chatbot quand tu nous tiens ^^
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2019 est décidément une année plein de promesses pour la réalité augmentée !