3D models and 3D animations

The use of 3D models in mobile applications requires the reduction of the number of polygons (low poly) to allow smooth viewing on smartphones or tablets.
We perform in-house the 3D models transformation in low poly and the 3D reproduction (identically) of objects or places (thanks to photos and photogrammetry software); we also design simple 3D objects or environments. For more complex requests we call on our partners.


A3D concept (expertise in capturing work environments)

Shipshape (expertise in boat modeling)

Proxe3D (expertise in playful animation)

Héritage Virtuel (expertise in heritage)


Blender, Maya, Photoscan, Meshroom, Meshlab


Equipments with depth camera (Struture IO or iPhones XS, PIXEL 3)

Formats 3D

Possible use of :
Collada (.dae), 
FBX (.fbx), 
Object and Materials (.obj with the files.mtl), 
Blender (.blend), 
STL (.stl).