Development of tablet services

Tablets are larger and more comfortable than smartphones, ideal for use in harsh environments such as factories. Touch tablets require a lower investment at purchase - and a less frequent replacement cycle - than AR glasses. 

Use case

Communication, Tourism and Heritage, 4.0 Industry, Trade Shows, Corporate Training, Company Visits, Transport, Retail Promotion.


Native Android & iOS
Windows 10, Linux


We advise you to choose a robust, mature model, sometimes usable with gloves and perfectly compatible with augmented reality.


Indoor geolocalisation with iBeacon, visual object recognition with 3D capture, other customised features

Description of use cases

Communication and Animation

Whether it's a one-off event or a permanent exhibition space, augmented reality on tablets makes the difference. 

It can be a filter dedicated to the place (e.g. taking a picture with a mascot) or a 2D/3D animation path visible through the tablet. The interactive path in AR is ideal to entertain an audience and to focus attention on strategics elements to be highlighted (new product, new activity...).

Tourism and Heritage

The tablet is a powerful tool to help you find your way around a place or to supplement a visit with virtual animations. 

For example: a tourist office can provide a tablet to project a must-see monument in augmented reality; or a museum can add entertainment and interaction to its tour in order to improve tourism experience.

4.0 Industry

Augmented reality on tablets is very effective in helping operators on production lines. By positioning a part in front of the camera, control points can be highlighted by looking at the tablet. Defects are also listed in a database in a few seconds with a picture taken.

Trade show

Strategically positioning your tablets in the trade show can help with orientation, collecting opinions or providing fun interactions. 

Tablets can also be dedicated to highlighting an activity on your stand; in this case a specific animation in augmented reality is very relevant to capture the attention of passers by offering them to take the tool in hand.  All this can be broadcast on a TV screen for more visibility.

Formations & company visits

Augmented reality is very effective to present information in a punchy way. 

It can be used for educational or professional training, but it is also a new and effective way to expose your company during a visit of investors or partners. The distribution of tablets with a pre-installed application allows to start your activity quickly and simply.


The digital tablets are ideal to accompany people when they wait. A tablet + a rigid anti-theft support is a good idea to inform the traveller or to suggest activities to pass the time. 

Augmented reality can be a source of occupation with animations and games. It fits perfectly into the concept of gamification of places.

Retail promotion

In a specialist shop, digital tablets usually catch the attention of passers-by.

Tablets allow to show a product in a scenario. A 3D reproduction of an object can be seen - next to other products that are actually present. You also can view the parts inside an object or to see what happens when "on" is pressed.