Synutra Visit is an augmented reality tour application for Chinese, English and French audiences who come to discover Synutra's infant milk powder manufacturing plant.

In 2016, the Synutra industrial group asked us to develop a factory tour assistant. Visitors come to the reception desk and receive a tablet equipped with headphones. They can follow a self-guided tour or choose to discover the contents freely.

In order not to interfere with the frequencies used by the factory's wifi, we chose the omni-directional iBeacon, which can be programmed to enter and leave the visit area over a hundred meters. As visitors move through the factory, audio guides are automatically triggered by the iBeacon placed on the walls. Diagrams explaining the processing of milk powder are animated and enriched through the application.

The application is currently being used by visitors in small groups. Guides and Synutra plant personnel are accompanying large groups.

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