Production of 360° videos

This new type of 360° interactive media is in line with the new expectations of consumers who want to be more active when watching content. They feel like they've been teleported to the place.

Points of Interest (POI) can be highlighted to "travel" from scene to scene. We can make photo or video captures with or without editing and with 1 or several POIs. According to the requests (elaborate editing, specific authorizations) we call upon our partners.

Use case

Lighthouses, factories (indoor and outdoor), Castles and museums ...


Materials :
Insta 360 pro, Insta360 one X, Ricoh Theta Z1
Software :
Adobe Premiere Pro, Cupix, Insta360 studio


In 360° videos, the head movement (on a VR helmet), the fingers (on a smartphone) or the mouse (on a computer) can be used to orientate the field of view.