Development of mobile services

Mobile apps are available for everyone on Apple and Google stores, they can be free or paid depending on your choice.

We use the latest augmented reality technologies to create innovative and interactive services with the physical environment.

Use case

Communication via Print, Tourism and Heritage, Industry 4.0, Trade Show, Corporate Training, Company Visit, Transport, Virtual fitting


Native development: Android and iOS

Multi-platform development framework : Ionic


Augmented Reality, Geolocation, Interactions with a 3D model, Itineraries, QR code, Push notifications, Image Recognition..

Description of use cases

Communication via Print

Any paper document can benefit from a gateway to digital content thanks to augmented reality.

A mobile application can be used to associate a large number of additional functionalities (e.g. interactive map, online purchase, reservation, content viewing, community...).

Tourism and Heritage

A tourist establishment (entertainment, culture, accommodation...) can offer a large number of services directly on its customer's smartphone. It can be a reservation but also an exhibition of "things to do" with images, an interactive map or with augmented reality.

4.0 Industries

In a factory there are tasks to be carried out, new jobs to be taken and exchanges with colleagues and superiors.

All this can be centralized in one application that facilitates organization. Augmented reality also makes it possible to scan one's workstation or an object to be offered instructions; it allows virtual exhibition routes by scanning images on the walls of an establishment; it is thus possible to view videos or playful animations that reinforce the feeling of belonging to a company.

Trade show

It is more and more common to use a mobile application dedicated to a trade show to find your way around; to find out about the live animation program; or to view a contact sheet of participants and companies.

Augmented reality also allows to make visible 3D animations or videos/audios in order to create virtual paths on each stand. It is a new way to enhance your business with immersive technology available on visitors' smartphones.

Formations & company visits

Mobile applications are designed to provide a more satisfying user experience than on the web, which is why, during a training session or during a company visit, they are very useful.

They can thus find many informations and knowledge in a dynamic pocket format. In addition augmented reality (AR) on mobile phones allows interaction with the real environment in a more qualitative way than on the web. 3D animations can be projected in the real world in a very realistic way. To arouse the interest of the participants, this type of tool is really effective.


Mobile applications are essential in the transport sector.

Augmented reality and artificial intelligence allows to orient oneself with more precision (information is contextualized according to what has been recognized with the smartphone's camera and the available transport data). For example, it is now possible to scan a bus in front of a stop and quickly identify whether it is serving the desired destination.

Retail promotion and virtual fittings

In the retail trade there are well-known mobile applications to scan the product and check the quality or the origin. 

The biggest retailers have realised that new technologies influence considerably the purchasing act. They are coming out with their own applications for scanning articles. 

A complementary Augmented Reality experience will allow the highlighting of certain products with 3D animations (for children or adults) or contests to re-enchant the in-store shopping experience.