Development of web services

We develop web platforms, front office (sites), back office and all types of API (application programming interface). In addition to a mobile application, a content management platform allows you to modify and update contents.

Whether it is a showcase website, a content management platform or a web-app, we help you in your project !

Technologies mastered: HTML, Javascript/jQuery, CSS, PHP, Drupal, IONIC, Apache Cordova

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Tailored Content Management Platforms, E-Marketing sites, E-commerce sites, showcase sites, social network platforms.

Data processing

open data in GTFS format

Data Servers and APIs

Google maps, Openstreetmap, own API, Twitter API, Facebook Messenger + Third Party API such as La Poste or Navitia.


MongoDB, NoSQL

Description of use cases

Print communication

By placing a QrCode or copying a link to a smartphone's browser, the web-app makes it possible to enjoy augmented reality without downloading an application. The camera opens directly in the browser and you just have to scan images to discover contextualized animations.

Tourism and Heritage

For example a museum, a church or hiking trails can benefit from a dedicated website and a web-app. 
Use case : 
The tourist sees a message next to a painting or an information panel. This message suggests to scan the QrCode to benefit instantaneously from an interactive guide in augmented reality. Then the camera launches directly into the web page and it is enough to position the smartphone in front of images to start the augmented visit.

Trade show

During a trade show, in order to manage booking or to present the program the development of a website is necessary. If the internet connection is sufficient the website can trigger an augmented reality web app. This web app allows you to instantly discover augmented animations on each stand.

Formation & company visits

In training, dedicated mobile applications are generally to be preferred for an optimal user experience. But for a one-time activity, a Web App will not fits. It can be used to bring interactivity to flyers or exhibition images for example.

Retail promotion

The big advantage of a website is its cross-platform compatibility to make your activity visible. The counterpart is the user experience, which is less mobile and less adapted to the uses, even in responsive design.
Unless you offer a complete service, it is not easy to make a store's customers want to download a dedicated mobile application. On the other hand, you just have to scan a QrCode to launch a web app that allows to discover product videos, hidden promotions or contests. It is much more likely to seduce consumers.