Achat-Malin & Émeraude - Loyalty cards

Development of a loyalty card management solution for two distinct destination - two cards - representing a hundred or so retailers or supermarkets.

Solution proposed by les Unions commerciales of Saint-Malo and Fougères in Ille-et-Vilaine to their members.

  • 100% Web; mobile, tablet, computer.
  • Multi-role. Customers have an account to view their visits and the savings collected. Shopkeepers offer savings or discounts at checkout. Merchant associations ensure rates, balancing for collective solidarity and processing information, registrations and promotion.
  • Printed or dematerialized loyalty cards.
  • Dashboards for shopkeepers. They can monitor the turnover generated by the operation and the analysis of their customers' files, etc.
  • Management of the system by merchant associations, with real-time dashboards for monitoring merchant activity, correcting erroneous entries, sales campaigns leading to exceptional savings for certain customers, etc.
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