Fonds Explore

Fonds Explore is an endowment fund. It was founded in Concarneau by the skipper Roland Jourdain.

The two-time winner of the Route du Rhum and his wife Sophie Vercelletto decided in 2013 to share the premises of their stable with project promoters who share a common desire to preserve the planet.

Since 2013, Fonds Explore has been incubating, supporting and making visible numerous innovative projects that contribute to the improvement of scientific knowledge and the development of tools and ideas to respond to current socio-environmental challenges.

Since 2018, we have been one of the Explore Fund's patrons. We have developed 3D filters for them on Instagram and Facebook. The goal is to widely promote the fund and its project leaders through viral tools that can be relayed on a large scale during events or communication campaigns by the general public.