Linné Lens

bookBeo has established a partnership with the company Linné Lens for the deployment of fish and animal recognition in European Aquariums and Parks.

The Linné Lens application is an intelligent encyclopedia of live animals (AI).
It is based on a deep learning algorithm developed by the Japanese company Linné Lens in 2018.

The application works in a very intuitive way and allows instant recognition of species:

  1. Scan moving animals with a smartphone or tablet equipped with the Linné Lens application
  2. A.I instantly searches for the names of approximately 9,000 organisms.
  3. A.I finds matches for 90% of all species in Japanese aquariums and zoos.
  4. With the application, the user can create his own encyclopedia with his photos and an in-depth analysis of each species photographed and commented by the community.
  5. The application can even be used offline in the most remote locations, such as underwater or in the mountains.