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Samedi soir, dimanche matin

Book with Qr Codes : Samedi soir, dimanche matin

Samedi soir, dimanche matin is an augmented book. You can find QR Codes integrated on each page. Behind them a video gives another dimension to the characters of the story. Indeed you can get into the heads of them.

Summary of the book :

A nightclub, an old hit, glances which cross, few glasses and words exchanged, and, somewhere between Saturday night and Sunday morning, a man and a woman who end up under the sheets.. It's a pretty banal story, but....

For the first time in a comic book, get into the heads of the characters ! Thanks to the QR Codes inserted in the illustrations, plunge behind the scenes and discover in a playful way, all those thoughts - more or less pleasant - that stir the spirits on an evening of meeting!

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Samedi soir, dimanche matin

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