Bots Twitter for public transport

Twitter bots management platform applied to Keolis group networks.

2 bots – virtual users posting automatic messages on Twitter when events occur or when they are requested - have thus been implemented for the Keolis group.

Bot @TCLtrafic

Client : Keolis Lyon for the Sytral's TCL network.

  • All network disturbances published automatically
  • accessible on demand.


Bot @ViteUnBus

Client : Keolis Rennes for STAR the Rennes Métropole network.

  • Real-time transport timetables
  • given in a second to the twittos so you never misses your bus again!

These two bots are the combination of several technologies deployed or developed by bookBeo. Automatic correction thanks to natural language processing algorithms, transport information databases, etc. Can be adapted to any public transport network!

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